OrionSoft is a one man video game developper focused on creating games for old consoles
such as the Sega Genesis / Megadrive Dreamcast Playstation 1 Gameboy / Advance Atari Jaguar / CD
Most of my games are also playable on modern platform such as PC Windows / Linux and soon on the Nintendo Switch.
You can buy downloadable version of my games for your favorite retro console
on itch.io on the Steam store or on Google Play if you have an Android device
Some of my Dreamcast games are still available in physical edition (click on the Dreamcast icon on the games below).
Follow my social media to get news about my upcoming Kickstarter for a re-release of all my games in physical format, as well as my future game projects.

Alice Sisters

Escape 2042

Zia and the goddesses of magic

Alice's Mom's Rescue


Philia the sequel to elansar

Yopaz Icestar

Yopaz 3D

Turtle Chomp

Check out my old website for free demos and development tools for your favorite retro platform
such as Playstation 1, Pocketstation, PC Engine, GP32, Atari STe / Falcon / Jaguar, Wonderswan, Gameboy Advance, TI89 and some Windows tools.