Atari STe

The Atari STe was my first computer when I was a child, I learned how to use a computer with it and this was the first time I learned programming using the BASIC language.
Some years later, I rediscovered my old Atari and because I feel very nostalgeek I wanted to create things on it again and started to learn the assembly language.
This computer use a Motorola 68000 processor at 8Mhz only ! with 512KB of ram and a 320x200 16 colors screen ! But you can do awesome things with it !

- Demos

- Games

- Tools


Fractal128 (

This is a 128 bytes "Sierpinski like" Fractal generator using the simple Wolfram's algorithm.
This was made for the Silly Venture 2018 Atari ST / STE 128b Intro compo !

Please run the appropriate program according to the current resolution (medium res preferred)
There is no exit key, so you will need to reset the Atari after a minute or so.

Download ! (3K source included)

SH9654 (, Video)

This little demo is a Tribute to the 'Big Border' screen by Delta Force.
This was made for the "Syntax Terror Big Border revisited" SommarHack 2017 compo !
This should work on an Atari 520 ST.
96x54 screen, rotozoom, wavy 3D sprites, etc...

Download ! (51K)

C++ is Forbidden (, Video)

After Kick My Ass'embler, here comes C++ is Forbidden, 5 years of work later !
The first bootable megademo of Cerebral Vortex released the 8 december 2012 at Silly Venture 2012 in Gdansk / Poland.
Awesome music, awesome graphics, awesome effects !
It was Ranked First in the ST Demo Compo !

This is an Atari STe 1MB Demo
You can see it as the sequel of Visual Unity ;)

Download ! (690K)

Visual Unity (

My latest and most advanced demo for the Atari STe. This demo took me 2 years of coding, it was at first done for a Megademo by Paradize and Cerebral Vortex, but due to lack of motivation from the other coders, the demo was never released. That's why I decided to pack all my screens together and send them as a contribution to the 20 Years Atari STE Megademo made by Paradox.

Full Credits:
Code and Animation: Orion_
Graphics: Orion_, Minz, Templeton
Music: 505
Line routine: GT Turbo, Azrael
Part of the polygon routine: Pmdata

Download the Standalone Version ! (130K)

Kick my ass'embler (, video)

This is my first big demo done on Atari STe with the group Paradize, together with the group Cerebral Vortex.
Featuring some nice effects like real plasma, and raytraced scroller on hicolor picture !

Download (96K)

XMas 2006 (

A little intro for Christmas 2006 done with my group Paradize.

Download (45K)

Atari Connexion 2006 (

The second invitation intro I did for the Retro Gaming Connexion association.

Download (46K)

Jaguar Connexion 2004 Invitation (

This is the First invitation intro I did for the Retro Gaming Connexion association. (one of my first intro on Atari ST)

Download (45K)


Spy 4k (

A little game in only 4k ! Compatible on STe/Falcon/CT60 & emulators.

Download (8K)


HxC SD CoPy (hxc_sdcp)

This tool needs an HxC SD floppy emulator device.
It will allow you to list the files from the SD card, and type the file you want to copy on your Atari computer.
It will copy the file from the SD card to your hard drive.
The transfer is very slow, around 8.2 kbytes/s on a Falcon.

Full source included, feel free to optimise, or make a better user interface.

Download (76K)

TI68k to ST

This is an attempt at running TI68k program files on an Atari ST only using an overlay emulation (because it have the same processor)
The 'overlay' is, doing screen conversion on the fly (using the VBL interrupt) and rewriting the ROMCalls table that TI68k use.
For now it only runs very small asm only programs I made.
Unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge of internal TI68k working to complete this emulator for the moment.
That's why I'm releasing the source, maybe someone can help me :)

Download (142K)

CyberPaint SEQ To GIF

This Windows tool allows you to convert a .SEQ file from the Atari ST version of CyberPaint to a common Animated GIF file.

Download (9K)

Atari Pictures Photoshop Plugins

This is a collection of Plugins I made for Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, that can read and write several Atari Pictures Format, including PI1, PC1, PI9 (Degas Elite), NEO (NeoChrome), SPC, SPU (Spectrum 512/4096).

Download (20K)