PC Engine

The PC Engine is a powerful 8bits Console, the first one with CD-ROM support back in 1988.
Very popular in Japan, the games are so good that sometimes you can think that the console is actually 16bits !
A very pleasant machine to work for, with an interesting hardware design !
You can easily programs games for it using the awesome HuC Compiler !

- Games

- Demos

- Tools


Ultimate Rally Club

A nice little racing game for your PC Engine CD, check it out !!

Download the CD ISO Image (35Mbytes)


PC Engine Videos

A small tech demo showing some videos of about 30 seconds.
This demo needs an Arcade Card !

Download the CD ISO Image (6,42M)

Reunion Island HiColor Picture SlideShow + (PCe Mem Manager, and BRAM Viewer)

This is a SlideShow of 20 HiColor and HiResolution Pictures of Reunion Island I took during my holidays.

The CD also contains 2 useful tools, one is a BRAM Viewer (filenames and size + raw data view) and a RAM Manager, allowing you to View/Edit the PC Engine RAM and Run a program entered by edition. It can be useful to test little programs on real hardware.

Download the CD ISO Image (980K)


PC Engine ISO Maker

This tool allow you to create a CD Image in ISO format for PC Engine using raw data.

Download (6K) [Sources included]

PC Engine CD Data Packer

This tool is useful when creating PC Engine CD programs.
It allows you to pack multiple files into one single file with data aligned on 2048 bytes boundary. (one CD sector)
You can then use this single file as a Data Overlay and load your files using the defines created by the tool.
v2: Now support assembly file output and sector_offset option.
v3: Minor sector alignment bug

Download (6K) [Sources included]


This tool allows you to convert a 16 colors BMP into PC Engine Graphic Data and Palette.
It support Background tile mode and Sprite Mode, duplicated tiles, map/bat generation, raw convertion, vram tile base and palette index option.

Download (9K) [Sources included]

FastVRamCDLoad / FastSCDRamCDLoad

These routines can be used instead of the cd_loadvram function which is very slow on real hardware when loading large portion of datas.
This one is about 4 times faster and use the SuperCD RAM to transfer large portion of data in SCD RAM avoiding too much cd seek.
FastVRamCDLoad: Used to load CD Data to VRAM (like cd_loadvram)
FastSCDRamCDLoad: Used to load CD Data to SCD Ram

Download (2K) [Source]