Let me introduce the Pocketstation. Released only in Japan, it's a memory card with a screen where you can put little games that plays on a 32x32 monochrome screen. It's a quite fun and cute little hardware !

You can transfer these games & tools on your PocketStation using my Playstation To PocketStation Transfer Tool (or a PC to MemoryCard reader)

- Demos

- Games

- Tools


PocketStation Neko (Video)

This was made from the well known "Neko95" which was a little program of a cute cat following the mouse cursor of your computer.
It is now on your PocketStation so you can bring it with you anywhere !
I also included some variants with sakura, tomoyo, a dog, sound, etc...

Download (77K)

PocketStation NyanCat (Video)

Well, you probably never expected it,
I probably never expected to waste one day of my life doing it,
but here it is, for your Entertainment...

Nyan Cat for the PocketStation

Download (146K)


Spoutnik Invaders (Video)

This is a little Shoot'em up game I made for the Pocketstation with the help of a Nhut for the graphics. This game use the MikoTools(tm) Pocket Library by Miko.Hoshina. The zip archive contain the Game Rom, as well as a Playstation Tool that can be burn on a CD, allowing you to upload the game from your Playstation to your PocketStation.

Download (116K)


PocketStation Save Manager (Video)

This tool allows you to manage your saves directly on your PocketStation !
You can view the save infos, delete a save, and also restore a save from delete !!

Download (7K)

PocketStation DevKit, Lib & Tools v3.4

This is my complete devkit for the PocketStation, I used it to make PKBIOSTool and the NyanCat.
Full source and tools included !
Please give credits if you use it ! and drop me a mail if you make PocketStation stuff :)

Download (52K) (source included)

PocketStation BIOS Tool v3

This little tool runs on your PocketStation and allow you to read some BIOS infos, the serial number, do a BIOS checksum, and even Dump your BIOS !
See readme.txt for details.

Download (21K)

PocketStation Lab

This little tool helps you with various PocketStation dev stuff.
-Dump graphics from a PocketStation game rom.
-Extract bin file usable on a PocketStation emulator from a memory card gme file.
-Convert ASCII text to JIS text for your PocketStation rom.
-Convert a 1bit BMP file to assembler data for your PocketStation rom.

Download (180K)