Let me introduce the Pocketstation. Released only in Japan, it's a memory card with a screen where you can put little games that plays on a 32x32 monochrome screen. It's a quite fun and cute little hardware !

You can transfer these games & tools on your PocketStation using my Playstation To PocketStation Transfer Tool (or a PC to MemoryCard reader)

- Demos

- Games

- Tools


PocketStation Neko

This was made from the well known "Neko95" which was a little program of a cute cat following the mouse cursor of your computer.
It is now on your PocketStation so you can bring it with you anywhere !
I also included some variants with sakura, tomoyo, a dog, sound, etc...

Download (77K)

PocketStation NyanCat

Well, you probably never expected it,
I probably never expected to waste one day of my life doing it,
but here it is, for your Entertainment...

Nyan Cat for the PocketStation

Download (146K)


Spoutnik Invaders

This is a little Shoot'em up game I made for the Pocketstation with the help of a Nhut for the graphics. This game use the MikoTools(tm) Pocket Library by Miko.Hoshina. The zip archive contain the Game Rom, as well as a Playstation Tool that can be burn on a CD, allowing you to upload the game from your Playstation to your PocketStation.

Download (116K)


PocketStation Save Manager

This tool allows you to manage your saves directly on your PocketStation !
You can view the save infos, delete a save, and also restore a save from delete !!

Download (7K)

PocketStation DevKit, Lib & Tools v3.4

This is my complete devkit for the PocketStation, I used it to make PKBIOSTool and the NyanCat.
Full source and tools included !
Please give credits if you use it ! and drop me a mail if you make PocketStation stuff :)

Download (52K) (source included)

PocketStation BIOS Tool v3

This little tool runs on your PocketStation and allow you to read some BIOS infos, the serial number, do a BIOS checksum, and even Dump your BIOS !
See readme.txt for details.

Download (21K)

PocketStation Lab

This little tool helps you with various PocketStation dev stuff.
-Dump graphics from a PocketStation game rom.
-Extract bin file usable on a PocketStation emulator from a memory card gme file.
-Convert ASCII text to JIS text for your PocketStation rom.
-Convert a 1bit BMP file to assembler data for your PocketStation rom.

Download (180K)