TI 89 Graphing Calculator

The TI89 was my first graphical calculator when I entered high school, and I quickly began to start programming on it, first in BASIC language making some little games, and then I learned C language to make better games.

- Games

- Demos

- Tools


Tetris Attack

This is the last game I did for the TI89, it's a Tetris Attack clone from the original game by Intelligent systems. This version doesn't support the "skill" feature of the original game.

Download (25K)

Tetra Master 89

This game is a clone of the Tetra Master game from Final Fantasy IX by Squaresoft. The game and the manual are in French.

Download (14K)


The first game I made for TI89 in C language. This is a clone of a classic game where you have to collect all the diamonds. (in French only)

Download (25K)


Small Games and Intro collection

This is a collection of small games and intro that I did for the fun of coding them in assembly language and trying to get the smallest size of the final executable. So here are very tiny programs doing some fun stuff.

Download (3K)

Revenge (pouet.net)

The second demo I made for the TI89, in less than 4K ! Made at 90% in 68k assembly.

Download (33K) [Sources included]

Fozeo demo (pouet.net)

Here is my first demo ever for the TI89, quite fun if you like demos.

Download (12K)



This is a complete graphic shell in 4 levels of gray, with a quite advanced GUI, including icons, memory status bar, battery status bar, real time clock for AMS > 2.08 and HW2. It support zip compression, archiving, AutoPowerDown, password lock, and other functions. Unfortunately it has some bugs and I don't really recommends to use it. (in French only)

Download (78K)