Here is a little handheld console called the Wonderswan, only sold in Japan. It is very similar to the Game boy/color but with a better hardware. I started coding on it a long time ago, but was disappointed because I couldn't test the stuff on the real hardware, now I finally found a Wonderwitch cartridge which allow me to do so !

- Demos

- Tools


WonderProject Intro (pouet.net)

This is the first intro we made for the Wonderswan under the label WonderProject which was intended to be a Wonderswan dev team.

Download (7K)


Wonderswan Color Clean Example

I provide here a clean example of how to init the Wonderswan Color using my "wonderswan.inc" file and do some stuffs like FG/BG draw and moves, VBlank Interrupt setup, Keypad and Sound test.
This example should work on a real Wonderswan.
Girl Gfx by Nhut.

Download (31K) [Sources]

BMP to WonderSwan

This tool is a 16 colors BMP file converter to TileGfx/Palette/Map for Wonderswan. (Tile Hflip and VFlip supported)

Download (10K) [Sources Included]

SwanLayer Merger

This is a tool to merge multiple TileGfx/Palette/Map, for example if a Gfx use more than 16 colors, simply separate it in multiples BMP of 16 colors, convert them using bmp2swan and use this tool to merge all the datas and make an unique Map, set of tiles, and Palettes to copy directly into the Swan memory.

Download (8K) [Sources Included]