Atari Falcon/CT60

The last Computer built by Atari, the beautiful Falcon 030, here upgraded with the well known CT63 board powering a 68060 at 96Mhz !

- Games

- Demos

- Tools



Elansar is a point & click adventure game, a nice story and photo realistic graphics.

Available for Falcon and Firebee: Check my retroshop !


Unexpected Fun (, Video)

My second Atari Falcon 060 demo.
The demo was shown at Silly Venture 2014 in Gdansk/Poland and was ranked 2nd !
The demo needs an Atari Falcon with CT60 accelerator.
This demo mostly show my progressing 3D engine (now with texture mapping) and was coded in about one week

Download (2.4M)

We Reached Stars (, Video)

My first Atari Falcon 060 demo, made with the group VitalMotion.
The demo was shown at Alchimie 2011 and was ranked first !
The demo needs an Atari Falcon with CT60 accelerator.

Download (4.3M)


HxC SD CoPy (hxc_sdcp)

This tool needs an HxC SD floppy emulator device.
It will allow you to list the files from the SD card, and type the file you want to copy on your Atari computer.
It will copy the file from the SD card to your hard drive.
The transfer is very slow, around 8.2 kbytes/s on a Falcon.

Full source included, feel free to optimise, or make a better user interface.

Download (76K)

Falcon Demo System v5

This is a general Demo/Game System Library for the Falcon 030/060.
The library was designed to compile with VBCC. (see below)

-320x240 in 8bits and 16bits mode.
-640x480 in 8bits mode.
-Double Buffering.
-Triple Buffering. (allow faster processing without the need to wait for the VBL)
-CT60 mode (using work screen in FastRam)
-Chunky to Planar automatic conversion (in 8bits and CT60 mode)
-Emulator mode (for CT60 program but without setting 060 cache & superscalar to avoid emulator crash)
-Mouse and Keyboard processing. (custom IKBD routine)
-'Exit on space key' flag.
-Custom VBL user function pointer. (ex: for custom sound mixer)
-An Additionnal MP2 player C wrapper.

Included a small demo on how to use it.

Falcon Demo System (29k)

VBCC "Ready To Use" Pack

Here are 2 VBCC custom "ready to use" distribution I made, one for the falcon and one pre-compiled for PC/Windows.
I hope that will helps you using this marvelous C compiler for Atari.
This use the latest 0.9b version of VBCC.

VBCC PC/Windows Distribution (1.39M)
VBCC Falcon Distribution (1.54M)


This is a GEM frontend for the VBCC compiler in a form of a Desktop Accessory.
It allows you to create project files to automatically compile your programs in one click with a nice GEM interface.

Download (11.2K)


This tool allows you to convert a 256 colors BMP picture, to an XIMG picture. It also add an optionnal function to add the 16 colors GEM default palette. This function is useful to make a GEM wallpaper.

Download (59K)