Welcome on my personal website !

I'm known as Orion_ and my favorite hobby is to develop things on old computers and video game consoles.
I made this website to show you all my finished projects, so you can download them.

4 May 2019

[Playstation 1] Added a Playstation 1 Memory Card Manager using the official Playstation 3 Memory Card USB Adaptor

4 November 2018

[Atari ST] Added a new 128 bytes Atari ST intro called "Fractal 128" !

09 July 2017

[Atari ST] Added a new Atari ST demo called "SH9654" ! Ranked third at Sommarhack 2017 !

03 October 2016

[Windows] New version 6 of my Tiled tool tmx2bin, with new options for removing file header and pre-process a minus one to each tile.

04 May 2016

[Windows] New version 5 of my Tiled tool tmx2bin, with new options for processing any layers you want + big/little endian and word/byte output.

01 May 2016

[GP32] Released an English Translation Patch for the GP32 game: The Ginkgo Girl, Mill

09 June 2015

[Windows] Updated my TMX2BIN tool (for Tiled) to support plain XML file, and binary byte option.

15 September 2014

[Atari Falcon] Added my new Atari Falcon CT60 demo "Unexpected Fun" shown at Silly Venture 2014 in Gdansk/Poland and ranked 2nd !
[Atari] Added "hxc_sdcp" a tool allowing you to copy files from an SD card to an Atari computer using the HxC SD floppy emulator device.

09 September 2014

[Windows] Added a new tool to convert 8bpp BMP image to 4bpp, or 4bpp BMP to 2bpp !

05 July 2014

[Jaguar] The ROM file of my "Orion_'s Jaguar Collection" cartridge edition can now be downloaded for free, and I made a DiscJuggler .CDI image file of the CD version (easier to burn than the previous Nero .NRG file)

28 April 2014

[Jaguar CD] Added a new version of my Cinepak Player Module, now including IMA ADPCM Audio codec, allow you to play 22kHz 16bits Stereo !

27 April 2013

[PlayStation 1] Added a tool to read and write data from a PS1 Memory Card using a PS3 Memory Card USB Adapter !

17 April 2014

[Jaguar CD] Added a Jaguar CD Dev Pack, a set of tools and sources code for Jaguar CD development !

07 April 2014

[GP32] Added a new GP32 Platform Game: GpAlice.

13 March 2014

[GP32 Game] Added the Final Version of my GP32 puzzle game QuadTris ! (with music and sounds)
[GP32 Tool] Added a Windows port of GPLink and a GP32 USB Driver compatible with Windows 7 !

29 November 2013

[Atari Falcon] Added a new and improved version of my Falcon Demo System v5 !

19 October 2013

[PlayStation 1] Yopaz IceStar, a New homebrew puzzle game available for sale on the PlayStation 1 !

29 August 2013

[PocketStation] Added a new PocketStation demo called Neko !
[PlayStation 1] Added a new version of my PlayStation to PocketStation Transfer Tool !
[PocketStation] Updated my PocketStation devkit with some minor changes.

27 August 2013

[PocketStation] Added some minor change to my PocketStation Bios Tool (v3) and Dev kit (v3.3).

23 August 2013

[PocketStation] Added a PocketStation Save Manager Tool ! You can't stop my PocketStation Frenzy !!

22 August 2013

[PocketStation] Added a PocketStation Complete Dev Kit !

21 August 2013

[PocketStation] Added a PocketStation BIOS Tool !

20 August 2013

[PocketStation] Added NyanCat demo !

12 June 2013

[Atari ST] Added an attemp at emulating TI68k calculator programs on an Atari ST, full source included.

12 June 2013

[Windows] Added a little tool to generate passwords for the game "SuperConnard" by Furrtek on GameBoy.

12 June 2013

[Playstation 1] Updated my Playstation 1 coding tutorial and my personal dev library.

12 May 2013

[Playstation 1] Added a Playstation 1 coding tutorial and my personal dev library.

11 February 2013

[Jaguar] Elansar for the Atari Jaguar is completed ! The final ROM is ready, I now need to organise the production of the boxes and cartridges.

15 December 2012

[Atari ST] Added a new Atari STe MegaDemo called "C++ is Forbidden" from Cerebral Vortex ! Ranked First at Silly Venture 2012 in Gdansk / Poland !

12 September 2012

[Jaguar] I added some informations about 3 of my future projects for the Atari Jaguar system, as well as a little tool called BJL Packer !

19 February 2012

[Playstation 1] Added 2 new tools replacement for Playstation 1, One is a new version of CatFlap that use the inpout32.dll driver, the second is a Win32 version of Cpe2x.
Both tools now works on modern OS such as Windows 7 32/64bits !

15 November 2011

[Atari Falcon CT60] I released with the group VitalMotion a new Atari Falcon 060 demo at Alchimie 111111, called "We Reached Stars". It was ranked First at the Demo compo !

03 October 2011

[Atari Falcon] Updated the VBCC pack to the latest VBCC 0.9b version.
[Atari Falcon] Updated my Falcon Demo System Library, easier to use and more reliable on video mode change.

18 September 2011

- I changed the website design, with css and without flash, also I merged all the pages in one per machine with anchor links.
Now it should be viewable on any browser ! (who said highwire ? ^^)

12 August 2011

[PC Engine CD] Added a small video tech demo for PC Engine !

06 August 2011

[PC Engine CD] Added a new Game for PC Engine: "Ultimate Rally Club" !

03 May 2011

[PC Engine CD] Updated my "PC Engine CD Data Packer" to version 2 (assembly output), and added a new tool "PC Engine ISO Maker" to create your very own and clean CD Image ISO file from raw data.

18 April 2011

[GP32] I just got back from the AC 2011, and this year I participated to the "speed coding" contest. I won the first prize with a little game called "QuadTris" coded in less than 24hours, for GP32 !

12 March 2011

[Atari Falcon] Added 2 "Ready To Use" VBCC Distribution Pack (a C Compiler for Atari) and a little Falcon Init Library.

6 February 2011

- Happy new Year !
I Added 2 new youtube videos for Spoutnik Invader (PocketStation), and Visual Unity (Atari).

9 December 2010

[Atari ST] Little update of the PI1 Photoshop plugin, so that it should save pictures more compatible with some Atari painting programs such as deluxe paint.

5 December 2010

[Windows] Added a Palette Adjuster tool in the PC Tools section, should be very useful to any retro coder or pixel artist :)

16 November 2010

[Atari ST] Added a collection of Atari Pictures Photoshop Plugins in the Atari Computers Tools section. (PI1/PC1/PI9/NEO/SPC/SPU)

15 November 2010

- The site is now back online, unfortunately I lost my "onorisoft.info" domain, so please now go to "onorisoft.free.fr" instead.

11 June 2010

- Added the Guestbook Part :)

07 June 2010

- Check out my new website design !
I also made some updates here and there with new tools versions (tiled/pce/wonderswan), and also added the sources code in almost all of my command line based tools.